About me


Most frequently referred to as "that guy with those dimples", Keith Caram is an actor, singer, musician, and professional goofball based out of New York City. Hailing from somewhere in the woods of Central Massachusetts Keith made the long trek to a different, snowier part of the woods, in order to receive a BFA from the Syracuse University Department of Drama.

In NYC, he can be found clowning, "acting", and playing various instruments for several different theater companies including Normal Ave Productions, Hamlet Isn't Dead, Turn to Flesh Productions and many more!

Keith also directs plays, writes pretty good poetry, and helps develop new musicals and plays all over NY.

Keith also also is very passionate about arts education and is a teaching artist for the DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE located in Leavenworth, Washington - yet another, more mountainous, part of the woods.

Love, Laughter, and Truth Above All Else!

Proud Member of AEA

Currently Seeking Representation!!